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By August 15, 2023No Comments

You would not believe the rate at which Industrial Lighting is blowing up, with predictions that LED Lighting will achieve a market share of 84% of lumen-hour sales in the general illumination market by 2030. With this boom in the lighting industry, it is inevitable that other industries would recognise the potential and possibilities that come with Industrial Lighting. Nothing shows this better than Lighting School, an event dedicated to the recognition of the close relationship between light and architecture, as well as a great collaboration between Architecture and the UK Lighting industry. Lighting School aims to encourage Architects and Designers alike to feel, compare and learn about new developments in lighting and technology as well as the dynamic nature of Architectural Lighting. In particular, more and more attention is being payed to Architectural LED Lighting as its many advantages and design possibilities are being recognised. Lighting School will feature a number of exhibitors, not just in the UK Lighting Industry, but all over the world, with exhibits such as BORA Lighting from Russia, and Inventum BV from the Netherlands.

This event is a great opportunity for collaboration and consideration of the always growing possibilities for industrial Lighting and LED in the UK. While architects attending will be educated on the close relationship between lighting and surface, exhibitors will showcase their products to attendees, aiming to provide them with the right product to suit the right architectural project. With increasing popularity for LED Lighting in particular, its uses in architectural projects have become more frequent. Possibilities for architectural lighting and illumination have developed, allowing LEDs to become the most popular option in Architectural lighting design. With increased control over colour and light strength, architects have more creative control when it comes to managing the light and mood of a project, all the while opting for a more energy-efficient solution. This energy efficiency also aids in maintaining the particular look that an architect is going for, as there is no danger of the bulb dimming over time. In addition to this, the lighting Industry in the UK has experienced positive growth since 2016, worth approximately £1.6 billion in 2013. A large portion of this growth can be explained by the increased shift towards LED as a more energy efficient source, as this increased adoption of LED brings greater focus to more integrated lighting solutions. These two developments are characterized perfectly by Lighting School, a celebration of UK Lighting Industry growth, and a push forward into new industries. The event will take place on the 11th to the 13th of February 2020. Whether exhibiting your lighting business, or coming as an attendee, make sure you are there for Lighting School, the fresh foot forward for the Lighting Industry!

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