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With car parks open all day and night, energy savings is essential. This can be achieved with LED lights, saving up to 90% of energy with low maintenance costs and increasing the lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

Car park spaces come in various types (multi-storeys, single floors, indoor, outdoors, etc), so it’s best to breakdown what LED would be suitable for these different surroundings.


Car parks have low ceilings, so there should be a specific lighting that can suit this height whilst providing better vision for drivers.

Low glare lights would be ideal for car parks and their low ceilings as they keep the glare down to acceptable levels, which provide safer driving conditions.

Wide beam angles bulbs can help with better lighting performance, as they spread light proportionally.

With car parks being a 24-hour facility, motion sensor lighting is important as it saves lots of energy during less busy hours of parking. You also wouldn’t need to replace bulbs frequently, minimising maintenance time.


We’ve selected some of the best Litho Circuits Lighting products that would be ideal for car park spaces:

  • LED 25~80-Watt Carpark Light – Perfect for car parks, this light has a 90-degree adjustable head to control lighting distribution.
  • LED Microwave Tubes – This product is great for car parks that require motion sensors to spot pedestrians/drivers.
  • LED High Bay Tubes – These are the perfect all-purpose product and they are available in various sizes with discount on bulk orders

For safer and cost effective lighting, LED bulbs would work best for car parks. To take a further look at the bulbs listed above for car park lighting, please visit our Products page.