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Agricultural environments thrive best with brighter lighting, such as LEDs. They improve sustainable agricultural practices because they are energy efficient and are a more comfortable environment to work in.

In comparison to conventional bulbs, LEDs are highly durable as they are encased with a solid, transparent plastic instead of traditional glass filament or tube that can break easily. Meaning, they last much longer in outdoor areas.


Be it for livestock or horticulture, a brightly lit farm helps provide safer workplaces for farmers. LEDs prove to be brighter than incandescent bulbs, and last much more longer.

As they are low maintenance and durable lighting, farmers have the opportunity to work on other tasks than changing light bulbs frequently. LEDs also have a cooler temperature than conventional bulbs, making outdoor and indoor areas more comfortable for both the farmers and their produce.

For livestock, natural lighting has a really positive impact for themselves and their offspring. Chickens produce higher quantity and quality of eggs that have been proven to develop at a faster rate with the help of LEDs. With cows, their health, fertility, welfare and productivity also improve greatly, to the point where milk production has been found to increase by 6%.

Horticulture also benefits from LED light. Plant growth increases up to 40%, as the LED lights provide a controlled environment that produces more fruit and vegetables than in any climate. The final product is considerably different, as LEDs improve the taste, quality, aroma and nutritional value of farmers’ fruit and vegetables.

In today’s current economy, fruit and vegetable produced inland is necessary. For this to work, produces need well-lit work spaces, meaning more energy and more costs, right? Well with LED lights, farmers can achieve a cost effective alternative that enhances their crop growth just by switching to pink-coloured LED lights, also known as a ‘Pinkhouse’.

They differ from the traditional white light with only using a mix of red and blue light. Pinkhouse emits a magenta light, and is claimed to help speed up the plant growing process almost 20 percent faster growth rate. By omitting the use of the rest of the colours, less light and energy is being used, therefore indoor farms can save money on their bills whilst enhancing their produce.

Conveniently, we supply LED Grow Lights to help farmers grow their crops quicker, with our range of products from 70-watts to 1500-watts, supporting them every stages of produce growth. Our highly durable, energy saving lights not only benefit the end produce, but they also decrease labour and maintenance costs with modern, environmentally-friendly and cost effective lighting.

Sustainable lighting is vital for a more comfortable and thriving agricultural environment. To take a further look at the bulbs listed above for farms and agricultural lighting fixture replacements, please visit our Products page.