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Hotels and restaurants have similar aims to succeed; setting a comfortable ambience for their staff and customers. The perfect mood can be set easily by installing LED lighting.

We’ve listed down reasons why LED is great to set the mood, not for customer satisfaction and minimum maintenance, but for employee productivity too.


There’s a dimmable function on LEDs, giving more control to customers over lighting. This is the perfect solution to having less complaints about faulty lighting, as customers have the chance to change their lighting to suit any occasion easily.

Meanwhile, employees can also control the lighting to help them work efficiently, increasing satisfaction and productivity.

Safety wise, it’s best to keep hotel lobbies, reception areas, corridors and stairwells brightly lit to help assure customers and staff they are in a secure area.


LED lighting is also an ideal option for restaurants too. The dimmable feature can help provide multiple purposes – from subtle lighting when customers are seated at tables, to bright lighting when meetings with employees occur.

Bright lighting is important for the kitchen area at restaurants, where health and safety require employees to be able to work in a well lit environment. By helping make employees feel comfortable at work, it would enhance their efficiency.


  • Downlights – Subtle lighting to provide the perfect ambience for customers to feel comfortable.
  • High Bays – Most popular as they provide an aesthetic to any commercial environment.
  • Tube Lights – Most effective for hallways and other areas that need to be well lit.
  • Flood Lights for outdoor use – Ideal for leisure activities in hotels, or parking outside restaurants.

Hotels and restaurants can help improve customer and employee satisfaction and experience with multi-purpose lighting. To take a further look at the bulbs listed above for hotels and restaurants LED lighting, please visit our Products page.