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With motorways earning their spot as the highest average traffic flow mode of transport, it’s vital to keep these major roads well lit with little maintenance to prevent accidents and disruption.

LED lighting seems to be the best solution in the long-run and below we explain the why.


In today’s current climate, we have to be careful with how much energy we’re using. By changing to energy efficient lighting, we can make a huge impact in our day-to-day lives.

Replacing bulbs on motorways can save a lot of energy as LEDs are 53% more energy efficient, saving 700 tonnes of carbon every year.

This amount of carbon saving is the equivalent to powering 20,000 homes and 389,000 loads of washing!


Automatic controls can help contractors immensely as they are less likely to cause disruption on the roads.

This is because they’re able to fix lighting setting in remote areas. LED bulbs boast double the longevity of conventional bulbs, and so require little maintenance. Therefore contractors would also be less frequently required to fix these lighting fixtures, lessening traffic disruption and also collisions as bright, visible signs would help drivers be more aware and alert.

Safety is essential when driving on major roads. To take a further look at the bulb types mentioned above for lighting fixture replacements on motorways, visit our products page.