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With online shopping being a leading phenomenon in sales, retailers have to find new ways to engage with their customers and by giving them a shopping experience they will remember.

LED lighting can help enhance this experience by providing better lighting performance that saves on energy costs.


Customers prefer stores with better lighting to clearly see where they are going and what they are buying, such as food shopping to buying clothes.

LED bulbs can solve this by creating a personalised experience, with the following outcomes:

  • Enhanced experiences – Highlights various displays around the store to grab customers’ attention and improve brand presence

  • Customer engagement – Finding out how customers shop can help with positioning LED bulbs around the store to optimise store layout

  • Improved sustainability – This applies more for food stores, but studies show meat products displayed under LED lighting have longer product shelf life because of LEDs having a cooler temperature than traditional bulbs


With a list of advantages above, we can now talk more about the types of lights to consider replacing with LED version in retail stores:

  • Ambient lighting – known as the store’s main lighting, so consider something bright to help illuminate the whole store layout.

  • Task lighting – this type of light focuses on areas that need more light, like tills and changing rooms, store signs and entrance areas.

  • Accent lighting – these can be used to give importance on specific products that attracts a customer’s attention, can be used for window displays.

  • Decorative lighting – this one is for visual appeal on areas that don’t necessarily need illumination, but need lighting for the aesthetics, very effective for seasonal display and to invoke emotion to customers.

LED lights helps improve customer satisfaction and creates effective lighting for optimal store layout. To take a further look at the types of bulbs for lighting fixture replacements in retail stores, please visit our Products page.