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Except for the summer break, schools are busy throughout the year. Students and teachers using classrooms, halls, and libraries to get their work done. Therefore, lighting is important for this environment, as not only does it provide a brighter ambience for productivity, but it also is a safety precaution. However, for these large spaces, finding a better lighting that is cost effective seems like the ideal service – something that LEDs can easily provide.


Some rooms in schools have no windows, so providing as much natural light is essential for students and teachers. LEDs can simulate this feature, so that students are able to easily concentrate in lessons by creating a close alternative to natural light. Not only does this improve productivity, but it can also create a positive ambience. For teachers, the bright lighting help during late night markings, where lack of light can decrease work efficiency. LEDs also last longer so they are a good option to provide both bright lighting during the day as well as night.


Along with good working environment for students and teachers, LEDs can also help improve the school’s health and safety in the long run. They are made using semiconductor materials and emit light when a current flows through.

The materials are much less harmful than conventional fluorescent lighting which contains mercury, therefore health and safety regulations would improve as LED lights would be a much better sustainable alternative for the environment.

With the life expectancy of LEDs being much longer than traditional bulbs, the replacement and maintenance of these would be significantly less. This would result in less disruption during school hours regarding lighting maintenance.

Here are several types of LED products we think might help enhance lighting in schools:

  • High Bays – for larger areas that need more light distribution
  • Linear Lighting – for areas that need more brighter lighting

LED lights increases productivity in schools whilst decreasing low maintenance costs. To take a further look at the bulbs listed above for school lighting, please visit our Products page.