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By August 15, 2023No Comments

For many years, little changed in the commercial UK lighting market, which was considered stable but with little innovation on the horizon. However the landscape has changed considerably over the last few years and the sector is now experiencing a massive surge in growth and investment, due to new developments with LED light technology.


Innovators in the industry, like Litho Circuits Lighting have invested in new LED lighting technologies and new product innovations in this field have contributed to a surge of growth in the industry. But it’s also notable that there is a considerable level of customer satisfaction with the real commercial benefits LED Lighting technologies offer, therefore customers are keen to retro-fit LED solutions where feasible, which is driving up demand. On top of this, with the increasing number of Led lighting options such as LED Street Lights, LED High Bays, LED Flood Lights and more, the variety of applications for LED lighting has radically increased, further extending demand and lighting up the UK LED lighting market.


With growth like this, there is massive amount of potential for suppliers in the industry to expand into new markets and take advantage of the commercial opportunity. LuxLive is a central focus for the trade and it’s Europe`s biggest annual lighting industry event. LuxLive 2019 is the definitive industry conference that provides a platform for the latest innovations in lighting, as well the opportunity for visitors to attend numerous seminars on the latest developments and innovations coming on stream. From commercial industrial lighting to emergency lighting and even smart – every facet of lighting is covered at Europe’s largest annual lighting event.


Typically a broad spectrum of attendees visit the event, including suppliers like ourselves, architects and specifiers, universities and healthcare providers, the hospitality sector and many more. This is an event that aims to educate and engage, which is why many of the seminars are two-way conversations and we are sure the attendees will get the most out of their experience. Of course, one of the hot topics at this year`s event is the growing popularity of LED Lighting, with a number of exhibits this year that reflect this. There’s more news on the variety of applications and new LED Light technology, it’s eco-friendly advantages, as well as LED`s impact on health and well-being! LED lighting is set to be intrinsic to our homes and workplaces in the coming years so it’s a good idea to get up-to-speed with what’s coming down the tracks.


LuxLive 2019 will be held at ExCel Convention Centre in London on the 13th & 14th of November. Attendees can register on the website here.

Come along to Europe`s largest Lighting event, and be a part of the Lighting industry`s bright future!

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