Projector KS-4 in injected aluminum and extruded aluminum in the dissipation part of the microleds, designed with 4 lenses of glass with purity of 98% interchangeable throughout the range ( A, B, B1, E ).

Separation joints are installed between the part to be dissipated and the outside as well as the box for the non-transmission of the microled to the driver or vice versa, the metric system M12 is installed in the pressure aerator, which allows the air inside do not expand due to the temperature and this can go out and when entering through depression do not introduce water particles inside.

You can combine any type of bracket as well as different couplings for staffs, which makes it a product of great versatility and robustness.

Intended for sports courts and industrial areas.

  • Warranty10 Years
  • Life Span100,000 hrs
  • Power (Watts)140 – 400 watts
  • Size (mm) 479 x 330 x 160 mm
  • Weight12,5 kg
  • Lumen Output21000 – 47000 Lumens
  • UGR<19
  • Safe Working Temp– 30℃ ~ + 50℃
  • IP Rating66
  • Input Voltage90 – 305 Vac
  • Driver makeLED Driver

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