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LED Retrofit Street Lights LL10 Series gives your existing lights a new lease of light. Benefits of Retrofit LED Street Lighting:

Environment – Customized retrofit LED street lights make maximum use of existing equipment. Avoiding disposal of aluminum and plastic housings making it a better greener overall solution.

Energy Savings – Decreased energy solution, savings of up to 75% on traditional lighting.

Cost Savings – Lower unit price.

Easy installation.

Reduced maintenance cost due to longer life components. Each individual module can be replaced ie; driver and light source.

Easy to upgrade with developing technology (Can be upgraded to CMS system or dimmable option)

Provides better quality light, making objects appear clear and more defined.

Reduces the amount of spilled or wasted light ensuring light is focused on roadways and sidewalks.

Safety – Improved safety due to enhanced visibility.

Security – Lights can be fitted with security cameras

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