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Litho Circuits Lighting were tasked with upgrading the Street Lights in the historic village of Bunratty from Traditional HPS Lighting to Energy Saving LED technology, this project was to achieve a minimum energy saving of 50%.

Part of the challenge was to keep the 32 ornate light housings and improve the lighting levels while using a Colour Temperature of 2,700K so as not to spoil the ambiance of the area.

To achieve this task the old gear from the lantern was removed and replaced with a new 60-Watt LED gear tray. The LED Gear Trays used are SEAI Triple E approved with a 10 Year Manufactures Warranty.



Old Gear Tray

New LED Gear Tray.

Original Housing restored

Pictures show the old gear tray which was removed and replaced with the new LED gear tray using the existing ornate housing.

LED Savings

Bunratty Village Make Model Wattage Qty kWhr/yr
HPS Light Decorative 150 32 4800
Bunratty Village Make Model Wattage Qty kWhr/yr
LED Decorative 60 32 1920

HPS 150 Watt was replaced with a LED 60 Watt giving a 90 Watt saving per light, over 32 lights this gave a saving of 2,880 watts = 60% Energy Saving

2.8 Kw x 4150 Hrs/Annum x €0.155 (Cost per Kw/h) equates to a Saving of €18,011 over 10 Years

Payback time on investment 3.9 Years

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